Vohuman Cafe, Pune

Bread ka baadshah, Omelette ka raja - Vohuman! Humaraaa Vohuman!

If your friend says "Yeah, well the best eggs are the ones I make after a workout", then he's wrong. Can he melt cheese in between a double egg omelette? Can he give you an extra thick slice of bread slapped with butter, that makes you wonder why all breads aren't like that?


Where to go - Vohuman Cafe! Its this Irani chai-maska-omelette-bread-old-irani-owner-cats-sleeping-on-the-counter kind of a place, right next to Jehangir Hospital near Pune Station. Parking is an issue - there are more tyres on a truck than there are in its parking space in total. I don't think it even has a door. I didn't notice one for sure!

What to wear -  Its a place where you see nurses, office goers, college students, firangs who stay in Courtyard Marriott which is near by etc. So, really just wear whatever you feel like. As long as its comfortable after gulping down the entire extended hen family prospect!

Whom to go with - Its so awesome you'll forget who you are with! But take along anyone - wife, husband, girlfriend, ex-girlfriend and dog.

What to order - Order off a double egg cheese omelette coz that's what Burrp and Zomato told you. No really, feel free! But don't forget to order chai, double egg bhurji and maska. Only then will your trip be complete.

Pricing isn't too much of an issue. Its simple -
If you have a 100 bucks, you can have tea and a double egg cheese omelette.
If you have 200 bucks, you can have tea, double egg cheese omelette, double egg bhurji and fill up petrol.
If you have 300 bucks, you can take me along!

What we reviewed - My friend and I went from Magarpatta to Vohuman, only for egg. We had the double egg cheese omelette and bhurji and I had nothing left to ask for. While riding back, we kept telling each other, philosophically, how amazing eggs are. Don't worry too much about hygiene. Vohuman may not look fancy without glass doors, tiled flooring or even a billing machine. But, it leaves you with enough inspiration to replay Sachin's NECC ad in your head and finally understand what it is to have a delicious egg lunch. Hatte katte hatte kattee...

Thank you Chowder Singh for the pics


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