Valentine's Special: Chocolateria San Churro

Where chocolate is a meal in itself

Want to eat- Chocolate- hot, cold, iced, melted with churro (a Spanish doughnut). The menu also has other desserts and snacks, but the Churros must be tried for variety

Where to go- Chocolateria San Churro, with outlets across Delhi and Mumbai

What to wear- People generally come here for an evening cup of coffee or a late night, post dinner dessert. The ambiance is elegant yet relaxed, so you can don a pair of jeans and head there!

Who to go with- This is an ideal place to go for an informal meeting with colleagues or an intimate conversation with friends. Since we are doing it as a part of our V-Day series, you have to go here with your better half!

What to order- We tried their basic milk hot chocolate (which sadly tasted like Bournvita milk) and the Churros Medio, which is good enough to be shared by two people. The staff at the Delhi outlet was sweet enough to customize my Mocha Frappe and offer me an ice-cream on the side. They have enough varieties of Chocolate fondues and Spanish Hot Chocolates, which a chocolate lover will relish with a croissant or sandwich

Cost for 2- Rs 600 (excluding taxes)

What we reviewed- They say chocolate is a great mood-lifter, even in small quantities. What we really think after going to the two storeyed Chocolateria San Churros is the amount of wonders two floors and a dedicated chocolate menu can do do your mood. The menu strictly has chocolate in almost all its preparations right from Chocolate Tapas to Chocolate Fondue and even the premium Choco Loco Shake. 

Will we go back again? Yes, but only if we are in the vicinity and are in mood for some Churros and not anything to drink with it


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