MoMo Cafe, Courtyard by Marriott Pune City Center

 You get what you expect out of a Marriott. Don't expect Momos though!

 Where to go - Courtyard Marriott, next to Jehangir Hospital, which is next to Pune station, which is in Pune, which is in...ok stop.

What to wear - I don't need to tell you what to wear for Marriott! You know what? Actually, wear anything that is comfortable. You might end up sitting there for hours so leather pants are an obvious no!

Who to go with - spouse/fiance/business partner/client for a cool lunch by the poolside. Or a girl/guy you are trying to date. Oh definitely her/him!

What to order - You don't need to worry about it. The Saturday lunch buffet covers everything you wish it would - Chaat, Continental, Italian, Thai etc. Even a Biryani! And the desserts are delectable too. You've been to buffets. You know the deal. Lets call this a good buffet - trust me that's rare! Maybe its us - we're spoilt when it comes to buffets. But, I sure did expect a lot from Marriott and boy did they deliver!

Cost for 2 - Rs. 2000 (taxes extra)

What we reviewed - MoMo Cafe is on the ground floor - continue walking from the reception and you won't even realise you just entered its dining area. Afternoon brunch on Saturday is filled with people in business suits. We are led to the pool side table, a strong wind just knocked the tree on the ground. The pool is a little dirty but then you're not supposed to swim in it. Its quiet, we can hear school kids from the adjacent building, while we sip on Lychee Melange and Honeyed Kist mocktails. Exec Chef Shubhendu Kadam comes along for a nice chat, so relaxed. He has 19 years of experience. I will turn 24 this year! Ha!

He serves us the Honey Potato Chilli starter, along with coconut soup and I fall in love instantly.

We tried the continental dishes - Mushroom Palak, Paneer Khurchan, Dal Makhani (SO SMOOTH #OMG) and Veg Makhanwala.
Roti? Gooddd
Paneer? Goodd
Dal? Gooddd

We finish our lunch with a New York Style Blueberry Cheese Cake and Tiramisu - staple desserts for buffets. And gosh would you look at the time? 3 hours have gone by!

Bottom line - The buffet wont throw up a lot of surprises. But, nowadays you crave for a buffet which is well prepared in all courses. You get that in MoMo Cafe. You get their famous hospitality as well.


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