Overdoughs Bakery, Hiranandani Estate, Thane

Move over CCD, Thane gets an ‘Overdoughs’ of freshness

Want to eat- You know those beautiful days when it’s raining outside, and you just want to meet your boyfriend/girlfriend/best friend and soak in the mellow weather with some hot brownies and coffee. Yes, the days when all you need is some cocoa and caffeine, in absolute peace is when Overdoughs comes to the rescue.

In 5 words- Bakery. Rains. Calm. Cupcake. Coffee.

Where to go- Overdoughs, 5, Penrith, Hiranandani Estate, Thane. 10 steps ahead of the Hiranandani CCD.

What to order- The red velvet cupcakes and macarons! Definitely. Not all Thaneites can afford to go to Bandra or Lower Parel for a simple cupcake. The chef, Geetanjali Advani prepares the fresh base every morning, and the frosting is done right in front of you. Its freshness can be vouched for. Moreover, they have special cheesecakes served in cutting chai glasses. Also, try their basil and pesto pinwheel, with a sinful cup of hot chocolate. A small cupcake, more like a shot cupcake, costs Rs 30 and a box of 4 costs Rs 100. There’s also a 10% discount for Hiranandani Foundation School students.

What we loved- The place reminds you of a quaint, secluded, French bakery, where you always dream of slouching back while reading a book, or simply indulging in crackling conversations. Since it is towards the farthest end of Hiranandani, there is absolutely no traffic or any other distraction to keep you away from your fortress of solitude.
And hey, they have free wifi, Bluetooth and a range of books to choose from. More like a modern jukebox. Just picture it—your own music, your choice of company over some amazing desserts and beverages! Seriously, what could get better?

Cost for 2- Rs 300

What to look out for- They are soon to start a waffle and cold sandwich counter outside and an ice-tea sangria dispenser inside. We are waiting for it, just like you.

Would be go back- After already eating there twice, I am heading there straight after posting this review. Say hi, (and thank you) if you see me!

Geetanjali also takes bulk and catering orders of desserts and savouries on all days and dips and breads on weekends. Call her on 022-25316060. 

Read her recipe of chocolate mousse here 

P.S. Thank you Pradeep Raja for the pictures


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