Dessert Workshop by Rakhee Vaswani, Femina Believe

If a non-chef like me can have a lot to do with preparing this cake, I wonder what someone with a passion for cooking can create.

To let women flaunt their refined flair with distinguished grace, Femina Believe LearningAcademy, a Times Group initiative, conducts regular workshops in areas ranging from Fashion to Culinary Skills to Personality Enhancement and Photography, in Delhi and Mumbai.

The workshops are priced at a nominal fee, and are conducted by some of the best people from the industry to acquaint women with sophisticated learning skills and garner certified training, in a subject of their interest.

We recently went for their dessert baking class, conducted by Chef Rakhee Vaswani at Palate Culinary Studio, Mumbai. A Le Cordon Bleu London trained chef, Rakhee took a 3-hour long, hands-on, cake preparation and styling workshop with a bunch of amateur, yet passionate bakers like us. 

Giving insights, tips, availability of ingredients, local substitutes and pocket-friendly methods to bake professional cakes at home, the much-insightful workshop, took us through step-by-step, detailed procedures to bake, style and decorate three cakes including the luscious red velvet with cream cheese frosting and the sinful rich chocolate torte with ganache!

Since the availability of ingredients and lack of knowledge about substitutes is a major challenge, Rakhee gave out numbers, suggested sources of availability and even some secret tips which she uses in her kitchen! At the end of the workshop, we not just learnt everything we needed to know about baking these 3 cakes, but also took away detailed recipes and tips, and of course a boxful of cakes that we prepared!

This 3-hour long workshop was conducted at Palate Culinary Studio in Santacruz and was priced at Rs 3500. The next workshop is on 24th and can be registered for here- 

Femina Believe holds these all-encompassing workshops in subjects like World Cuisines, Dining Etiquette, Healthy Cooking and also areas such as Make-up, Skin care and Styling and Communication Skills.

All details regarding registration, workshop venues, fees and contact information are given on their self-explanatory website. Here- 

Really can’t wait to attend their other Culinary and Dining Etiquette workshops!

P.S. Thank you Rishi Khanna for taking the pictures!


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