7 Breakfast options without breads

While sandwiches are parathas are the most convenient breakfast options, it’s time to move on and make the meal more interesting. And not all of us like bread—brown, white or any other colour. For those who absolutely hate bread, here are some bread-less breakfast options!


Picture Courtesy: Westin Mumbai Garden City

Boiled, poached, scrambled or the good old omelet, the varieties are so many! Even vegetarians aren’t averse to these protein rich delights. They barely take 5 minutes to prepare, and can be twisted to anybody's taste.


A national specialty, no Indian household has stayed bereft of this scrumptious savoury. Top it with lemon, chutney, pickle or ketchup; you have an epic Indian preparation! Non-fried and healthy (unless you top it with bhujiya), if you chop the veggies before hand, poha can be prepated in 15 minutes.


This barely takes minutes to prepare, and hardly requires any ingredients. A bowlful of health, you can have with it fruits or a salad.


This can’t be dished up instantly, unless you have leftover batter or purchased one from the market. You can either prepare the idli fresh in the morning, or used leftover from the previous night. Make it Chinese style, or serve it with chutney.

Recipe: Chutney by Deepa Suhas Awchat


Not a personal favourite, but since Mom says it’s healthy, we have to buy that. Low on oil and calories, upma can be had for breakfast or even packed as a mid-day snack. We have recipes of two varieties here


Nothing is more refreshing than starting your morning with a bowl of assorted fruits. Top the salad with dry fruits to give it an extra crunch and you have delicious bowl of wholesomeness.


What’s better than beginning the day with a protein high? Available in a varied range of flavours, yogurt can be mixed with fruits and berries to give you a power-packed punch, early in the morning.


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