Delivery Options: Kya Miyaa, CST, Mumbai

Smells like Delhi, Tastes Like Hyderabad;

(With no traces of saturated oil!)

With budget price points and prompt delivery services, Kya Miyaa can very well be your lunch ordering regular. They even have special pricing for corporate lunches and catering, and the team is extremely sweet. Those who still haven’t called for lunch should call them right away!

Want to eat- Kebabs, Rolls, amazing Biryanis, Tikkas and delicious Hyderabadi food, prepared in a very low-fuss, low-cal, less oily manner.

Trust us, after eating almost everything off their menu, we had no traces of food colouring, oil stains or the feeling of having gobbled up a buffalo lingering with us—which is rare to find in typical Indian restaurant fares. The food is so light, yet so filling, that one can binge all they want, but wouldn’t feel bloated.

Where to go- Kya Miyaa, Near CST, Mumbai. Everyone knows the McDonalds at CST. Just keep walking along that road until you cross Sterling; take a slight detour to the left and let the aroma of Kebabs and Biryani guide you to Kya Miyaa.

What to order- Since it’s clearly more of an ordering place, you can order their meals or go a la carte and order their vegetarian Biryani. A must-try is the Veg Seekh kebab, Andhra curry, and a quirky named Paneer Boom Boom. A combination of drinks and dessert, I had their Strawberry Cheesecake Shake, a highly recommended must-have.

In addition to their simple menu, they have even introduced some pastas and Panini sandwiches for the nearby college crowd, who can count this as their new bunking adda!

Why Kya Miyaa- Apart from serving delicious Hyderabadi fare in the most low-cal, non-heavy and non-oily form, Kya Miyaa even ships it in cute, well packaged, microwaveable boxes, and delivers it at a very friendly price right to your office/doorstep. A Veg meal includes a Hyderabadi Dum Biryani, Parathas, Gravy, Raita, Dessert and Mirchi ka Saalan, all for Rs 170.

What we reviewed- Being a pure vegetarian, I was prepared unwelcome at Kya Miyaa, but was amazed to be served as a royal patron. One of the partner’s Vaibhav Wayal, has pure vegetarian parents and wished to ensure that ‘ghaas-phoos’ eaters like get our share of delectable Hyderabadi curries and biryanis. In spite of having a small cover, it doesn’t deter patrons ranging from senior office professionals to young college students from dining here. We even heard an old aunty telling Vaibhav how she loved the food and would bring her family back soon.

Would we go back- I have saved their menu, and am ordering lunch from there right now! So even if I don’t go back, their food is definitely coming to me!


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