Recipe: Tropical Summer with Tropicana Slice Alphonso

While apparently roads are melting in India, and it’s getting increasingly hot, all one can do is gulp down something refreshing. Rich, cooling and refreshingly light, we combine Tropicana Slice Alphonso with pineapple juice in this simple mocktail by flair bartender Ami Behram Shroff. While most of the mango drinks I have tasted tend to get watery, the thick and juicy consistency of Tropicana Slice Alphonso makes it ideal for summer drinks. Here goes the recipe of this mango mocktail

Tropical Summer

·        Tropicana Slice Alphonso
·        Pineapple juice
·        2-3 tulsi leaves

·        Combine half a glass of S and half a glass of pineapple juice to create a mocktail mixture.
·        Take the tulsi leave and muddle them using mortar and pestle.
·        Put the muddle in the mocktail mixture.
·        Shake it well, like cold coffee.
·        Garnish it with some basil leaves

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