The Wine Company, Gurgaon

Monday Night and place with bustling nightlife are two words that seldom go together. But the 'bustling with activity' Cyber Hub, Gurgaon tries to defy all logic. One such place which seemingly attracts a line of crowd, coupled with loyal patrons waiting to move inside is The Wine Company.

As you move inside you see the servers getting busy in placing orders and along with Chef Abhinav getting busy and happily interacting with people. For them the night is too young and they have a large set of people to make happy.

The ambiance -At The Wine Company you can choose from a comfort of sitting outside which I would recommend if you are with your special one or want to have a conversation. Else in case you are with a group and inside is far better with the amazing selection of music they play.

The menu The restaurant does not follow one particular cuisine but offers you a wide selection of choices. If you are a wine connoisseur and know your wines, you would not be left dejected with the selections they serve. If you are trying in for the first time do not hesitate to ask the server for help or better take the recommended Wine Flights. The Mains are different selection all together and you can enjoy everything from a Hot Dog to a Sea Salt Rubbed Chicken. The selections just don’t stop to amaze you. If you are still confused just ask any of the servers for help or ask for Chef Abhinav and I am sure you would not be disappointed at all with what you are served. 

Wine Flights offer you a choice of four Wines, along with the way to savor them. The must have on each table is the ‘Karari Roti’—the Wine Company’s answer to Mumbai’s Masala Papad or even way better. The Karari Roti is far lighter and mingles so well with your Wine that you would not feel heavy for any minute. In appetizers we would strongly recommend Beetroot Goat Cheese Salad, Chicken Olive Tapenade and Lemon Garlic Prawns. I am not a prawns fan but this made me just go WOW.

Recommended drinks are their Sangrias both with Red and White Wine. By the time you finish your appetizers you are already on a Happy High and the ambience around you just seems to pep you up to go a little extra.

What we reviewed-Brunch meeting to a nice dinner with friends both make a lot of sense here The menu is fresh, it does seem weird if you are always looking out for a particular cuisine, but what’s food without the hint of weirdness. I suppose, in the name of leisure & convenience, The Wine Company is your best bet!

Text and pictures by - Anuj Bhagia


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