14 Foods which are better than a boyfriend


So what if you don’t have anyone in your life? The plus side is that you can eat for two, and as the saying goes, if someone stops you, eat them too! We list 14 foods which are better than any boyfriend!

Nutella/Chocolate Sandwich


Because, Nutella equals love in every equation! Bread, butter and melted chocolate, gushing out from all sides; I will forget myself, leave alone a guy!
Available at- 
Jai Jawan, VT, Mumbai
Because, Nutella equals love in every equation!

Chocolate + ice cream


Be it hot chocolate fudge, sizzling brownie or a mean iced Oreo shake, a guy won’t help you beat the heat, but a sinful combination of chocolate and ice-cream, obviously will!
Lindt Hot Chocolate Shake at Mocha Arthouse, Delhi
Hot Chocolate Fudge at Nirula's or Giani's, Delhi 
Even better, take a steaming cup of coffee, and Dairy Milk Silk, dip it and eat it!

Red Velvet cake+ Hot Chocolate


Who needs anybody’s constant banter in the background, when you can simply dig in some cream cheese frosting, with some piping hot chocolate on the side.
Where- Theobroma (Mumbai) and Whipped (Delhi)

Gol Gappa/ Pani Poori


I don’t even have to call this a ‘guilty’ pleasure, because there’s no such thing as too much pani poori. The best thing is, that they’re available everywhere—sue me if you don’t find at least 4 thelas right under your building.
Delhi- Sharma Chaat, Amar Colony, Lajpat Nagar Part 4 or The Chaat guy opposite UPSC building. Throw in some crispy tikkis and bhallas too
Bombay- Elco, Swati, Trupti, or even the thela under your building. It's street food, we are immunce to diarroea anyway!  

Waffles with ice-cream and dark chocolate

Afsha Khalfay
Complete this family of gluttony with ice-cream, whipped cream and dark chocolate. If you prefer, there’s always honey or maple syrup which you can top it with.
Where-Kala Ghoda Cafe, Mumbai

Pasta+ Wine

My home-alone weekends are spent like this. Some mean, home-made Arrabbiata with red wine and Star Wars. Not a fan of fantasy? Suits, White Collar, Boston Legal or any non chick-lit movie can do the trick too!
Big Chill, New Delhi ( go to the Kailash Colony branch for alcohol)
Spicy Arrabbiata- Poptates, Mumbai

Pizza+ Coke


I judge people who eat pizza which doesn’t have cheese dripping out from all sides. If you’re ingesting calories, might as well, ingest them properly. Pajamas, coke, pizza and a video game, would you really have time for anything after this?
Where- Dominos- cheap and best. 

Dal Makhani+ Kadhai Paneer/Butter chicken/Keema kaleji


Yeah, they may be greasy, heavy and too spicy for some, but nothing beats the sense of satisfaction you get after finishing a plate of butter chicken with garlic naan. 
1. Express Dhaba, Opposite Indian Express Building, ITO, New Delhi 
2. Rajinder da dhaba, Safdurjung
3. Honestly, anywhere in Delhi
4. Zaffran, Urban Tadka, Guru Da Dhaba, Andheri, Sunny da Dhaba, Old Mumbai Pune Highway



With white makkan, achaar and raita. May cause addiction, so eat them at your own risk.
Murthal, Delhi-NCR
Paratha Mantra, Fort, VT, Mumbai

Chhole Bhatoore


Club it with some Amritsari kulchas, masala onions and green chilli and you will honestly achieve nirvana
Mumbai- Oye Kake, Ghatkopar, Gulati, Andheri West, Vig, Chembur Camp
Delhi- if anything beats the one Punjabi moms make then Nagpal, Amar Colony, Lajpat Nagar, Sitaram Diwan Chand, Paharganj, Chache di Hatti, Dehi University, Kamla Nagar

Pao Bhaji/Masala Pao with extra-effing-butter


A personal favourite, nothing beats some butter heavy pao bhaji or spicy masala pao with a thanda coke on the side!
Where- Shiv Sagar, Delhi (yes, it's better than Haldiram's)
Cannon, Sardar Pao Bhaji, Juhu Chowpatty, Shiv Sagar. 


Cheese sandwiches, Cheese Popcorn, Cheese Pasta- anything! A must try would be the Baked cheese pasta at Big Chill, Delhi and World Trade Centre Pasta in Bombay

Rajma Chawal—OF COURSE!


Unless you’re George Clooney or a piping hot plate of Rajma Chawal, I don’t think we have anything to talk about honey
Nirula's Delhi
Bombay- Please help me with a name here, the hunt is still on!



Philadelphia, Blueberry, New York, take a massive slice with some coffee and you’re sorted
Delhi- Angel's in my kitchen, Defence Bakery, Whipped
If you can splurge a little, then the Oberoi Patisserie and Delicatessean, Both in Delhi in Bombay



I honestly go to bakeries to eat these all by myself.  These cute little delights, no one can eat just one!
Mumbai- LE 15, LSD, COO, Guilt Trip (all in Bandra)

P.S. if you’re at all worried about the calories you will gain after eating all this food, remember, you want to be with a guy who likes to see you eat. Naturally, he ain’t worth your time honey, if he can’t fall in love with a girl who loves her food!

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