#MyHungerFix: Roti Pizza

Who said men don’t step in the kitchen! Writer and Graphic designer, Yashovardhan Bhatia shares his 10 minute recipe of Healthy Roti Pizza, when he has absolutely nothing in the kitchen!

Healthy Roti Pizza: 
- Any kind of base like roti/paratha/dosa 
- Onion/Capsicum/Tomato/Corn/Mushroom (Any vegetable available) 
- Pizza Sauce/Chilli Sauce/Ketchup
- Cheese
- 1tbs Butter/oil

- Add a 1tbsp oil/butter to the tava
- Keep the roti to crispen over it (layer two rotis if they're thin) 
- Once semi-crisp take it out
- Spread your choice of sauce over it
- Add chopped vegetables
- Layer it with excess cheese (Not for the health conscious) 
- Bake it in the oven/microwave (oven mode) for 2 mins (If the oven is not an option, keep it back on the tava on low heat and cover it with some utensil for approx 2 mins till the cheese melts.

*Tip: Add some oregano/chilli flakes from your Dominos leftovers.

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