Mamagoto Winter Menu, Mumbai, Delhi

Asian flavours are usually an amalgamation of warm and spicy palates, which taste best during winters. Keeping with the Indian winters, pan-Asian fun dining chain Mamagoto has introduced their winter menu with delicious meal bowls and spicy starters, for both the chilly Delhi and the pleasant Bombay winters.

Where to go- Mamagoto chains across Delhi and Mumbai

What we reviewed- The warm and zesty winter menu with a range of soupy meal bowl inclusions

What to wear-  Be completely casual, if you are coming with friends. Obviously dress as your parents ask you to, if you are coming with family

Whom to go with- Anyone! Mamagoto serves alcohol, but is an extremely fun,  
family diner

What to order – From the winter menu, we loved the vegetarian and non-vegetarian version of the Spicy Bangkok Bowl, (Rs 399)—a rice dish with Thai spices and herbs (I am not a fan of Thai cuisine, but if I loved it, everybody will! ); Shinjuku Miso (Rs 549)—a Japanese miso soup with an overload of shitake mushrooms, tofu, sea weed and soba noodles and the spicy and warm Hot China bowl (499)—a glass noodle preparation with a broth of red chillies, schezwan pepper, green beans, sesame seeds and sliced chicken/veg with street momos. Though we were apprehensive about eating an all-beans starter, we were floored by the Straight up beans ( Rs 199, Long beans stir fried with Chinese garlic, red chillies and yellow bean paste) which were tastefully marinated, with the right play of spices.

What’s for dessert- We ordered their signature Caramel Sponge Cake toffee sauce and Mud Cake with ice-cream from their regular menu

Why Mamagoto- Since the chain is owned by two Punjabis, Kabir Suri and Rahul Khanna, you get Oriental cuisine infused with Amritsari spices, the rendition of Asian cuisine Indians usually love. While food director Jaiywanti Dugal has strived to maintain authenticity, ingredients like beef, pork, and fish oil in vegetarian dishes are traditional Asian ingredients which can’t be used in India and hence have been replaced with chicken and other vegetarian oils. At times like these Mamagoto may have tweaked the authentic scale, but the USP of a casual, Asian eatery has been maintained. Quirky interiors, a well informed staff, and an explanatory menu ensure the vision of the founders is intact by keeping Asian dining approachable for Indians. For drinks, we loved the Passion fruit Rum/Lime mix, (Es 299) which came beautifully presented from the bar. The entire winter menu gives you a warm and cozy feel with a lot of meal bowls with warm and well flavoured soups, which are ideal for winters. 

Cost for two – Rs 1500 (excluding alcohol and taxes)



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