Om Sweets Ghaziabad

Because Delhi can do a Mumbaiyya pav bhaji, and how!

Want to eat- Chaat, pav bhaaji, samosas, all things which make your tummy go mmmmmmm

Where to go-  Om Sweets, Raj Nagar, Ghaziabad

What to wear- It's your typical next door chaat corner, and the crowd it draws comprises people you have grown up with, so wear whatever you are comfortable in

Whom to go with- Friends, family and especially out-station relatives

How to get there- OK, this is tricky. Ghaziabad is not well connected by metro so you will have to get down at Vaishali and look for an auto/bus which drops you there. The best way to go would be in your own vehicle

What to order- The golgappas and pav bhaji. The chaat is typical of the one served in UP, the state which rules the roost in chaat specialities AND the pav bhaji. Never before have I eaten a better pav bhaji than this in Delhi

What's for dessert?- You can opt for sweets on the counter or piping hot jalebis and imartis. On a cold winter evening, we preferred the latter, ofcourse. 

Cost for 2- Rs 200

What we reviewed- Seriously, one of the best chaats I have had in a filled-with-chaat-stalls city of Delhi, the place is the neighborhood's pride with its dirt cheap rates and lip smacking food. For a taste of the street food which throngs UP, this is the best place to head to


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