Chocolicious – The Chocolate Donut Festival at Mad Over Donuts!

Chocoholics, beware!! Chocolicious – The Chocolate Donut Festival at Mad Over Donuts is here.

Just when you thought the holiday season is over and everything’s back to routine, Mad Over Donuts springs up a delightful surprise! Look no further and head straight to a Mad Over Donuts near you to soak yourself in sinful Chocolicious indulgence. 

Feed your chocolate obsession with all new Chocolicious donuts in 5 extravagant chocolate flavours:

Krunch Kraze (infused with KitKat): Dipped in dark chocolate. Filled with crunchy KitKat and dark chocolate ganache. Topped with a drizzle of white chocolate. 

• Star Struck (infused with 5 Star): Dipped in milk chocolate. Filled with 5 star chocolate ganache. Topped with chocolate crispies.

• Strawberry Avalanche: Dipped in dark chocolate. Topped with strawberry yoghurt chocolate and strawberry fruit filling.

• Orange Obsession: Dipped in white chocolate. Filled with orange chocolate ganache. Topped with a drizzle of dark and orange chocolate.

• Chocolate Decadence: Filled with dark chocolate ganache with a dark chocolate glaze – its pure decadence in a donut.

All you chocolate lovers put “have Chocolicious donuts” on the top of your list of things to do today! That way, at least you’ll get one thing done.

Chocoholics, you're welcome…
Price: ` 55/ donut

Available across all Mad Over Donuts stores except airport kiosks. For a limited time only. 



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