Five live kitchens at Tamra, Shangri-La's Eros Hotel, Delhi

In February 2015 Shangri La opened doors to Tamra, which immediately takes you by awe with its rustic setting—inspired from the early ages of culinary evolution when copper (tamra) vessels were used to make a perfect meal. The restaurant offers a pinch of yum to their visitors with 5 cuisines stuffed into one place.

Tamra’s unique five live kitchen concept plays up the idea of multi-cuisine food in real sense. Each of the 5 chefs dish you up the choicest of local delicacies ensuring the use of local ingredients and each of the dishes stay in line with the nuances of each style. You are stated with the Signature Mocktail, Garden of Eden which tastes as brilliantly as it is presented. Must have dishes on the menu include the Sushi Platter, Wok tossed Prawns, Seared Tilapia and yes being in Delhi the Local Mains just blow flavors right into your mouth away.

To top the food away you need to try the freshly made mousse cake and the Tamra chocolate which is nothing but purest form of chocolate in 3 forms, a brick, ice cream and hot chocolate sauce, even the calorie conscious can’t resist this one!
The menu of each of the 5 cuisines combines to become one of the largest and most varied buffet spread that NCR currently has to offer. The best part of Tamra is the home kitchen with 2 lady chefs dishing out hand made chapattis, completing the typical ‘ghar ka khana’ experience.

The buffet spread starts at Rs. 2100 plus taxes for a dinner. 

Text- Anuj Bhagia



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