Here's why it takes days to get a reservation at Farzi Cafe, Gurgaon

Having dined at Masala library in Mumbai, (review here) it was natural for me to  try Farzi Café, Gurgaon, on my visit to Delhi. Trying hard not to compare the two distinctly different brainchildren of Zorawar Kalra, here are the recommended must-haves two vegetarians loved at Farzi Café, Gurgaon

Mishti doi spheres- The amuse bouche, gulp these mishit doi shots in one go as they come all flanked by smoke, setting the perfect tone for what's to follow

Mini raj kachori, crisp okra salad- A single shot of Raj Kachori, where the tamarind chutney is presented in the form of foam. Have you ever seen the street speciality presented ths way?

Bombay bhel – version 2.0- This combines the Bhel and Sev Puri, as the tasty Bombay bhel comes on top of a papri.

Vada pav Farzified- Yes, the Bombay staple, which tastes street-like, but the pao is stuffed inside the vada! Why could no Mumbai street vendor think of this innovation?

Karela calamari, sweet and sour mango chutney- We were urged by Mr Kalra to try this, as we were both sincere karela haters, but for those who swear by their karela, nothing can get better than this tangy twist!

Sarson ki gilawat, corn and cheese tostada- Punjab on a plate, there are miniature makai rotis and the saag is made in the form of gilawati kebab. Sprinkled with pop corn, you would want to celebrate Lohri, right after eating this

Palak Paneer Quesadillas-Some delicious palak paneer is stuffed inside quesadillas, to make for the perfect Mexican Indian fusion.

Palate Cleansers

Even these come with a twist, with the likes of Hajmola flavoured lollipos!


Parle G cheesecake, milk custard, chocolate gems- This is the most widely photographed dish, and tastes exactly how it looks. Cheesecake, stuffed inside Parle G and topped with some Gems.

Phirni oxide- The dish which attracts all the attention to your table, phirni oxide is a twisted take on the humble phirni, laced with some liquid nitrogen

It may seem impossible to get a reservation there, but Farzi café is worth the wait! Just like Masala library, Farzi café takes typically Indian dishes, which are never put on a fine dining menu and presents them in a swanky avatar! Each dish flaunts something farzi (fake), be it added dramatics in the form of smoke, or dishes served in London style telephone booths. Food theatrics is a phrase and Farzi Café defines it. Since every dish has a history and story to tell, this restaurant narrates the history behind typical Indian dishes and twists them with a contemporary spin, just like how Indians are!

Fact File
Cost for two- Rs 2000
Where-7-8, Ground Floor, Cyber Hub, DLF Cyber City, Gurgaon
Dress-code- Casual 


  1. Last year, I went to Farzi Cafe and it was awesome.So I went again on the 22nd March and I'm still sick. I ordered Pathar ke Kebab, Mutton Galouti and Pepper Mutton (or something like that) with Malabar Parantha. No booze was ordered. The Pathar ke Kebab tasted really odd, but I assumed it was because of a decline in food quality. My tummy was super upset in the morning(23rd March) and has lost the ability to handle much besides khichdi since then. The doctor said it was a stomach flu typically caused by bad/stale/old meat. Hopefully it was a one-off thing, but just FYI.
    Oh and the service isn't as great as it used to be.

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