Egg Sandwich, Anil Pandey, Raasta, Gurgaon

A sandwich that requires almost nothing to prepare. Get some mayo and eggs, and you are on! Morever, the recipe comes from Delhi's most loved eatery, Raasta, suggested by Chef Anil Pandey.
Ingredients (all three can be bought from your neighbourhood shop. We suggest, just stock up the mayonnaise for good. Hell lot of things you can prepare with it!)
  • 4 Sliced bread (whole wheat or white)
  • 3 Soft boiled and shelled eggs (boiled for 6 min.)
  • 2 tbspn Garlic mayonnaise
  • To taste Salt.

  • In a bowl mix boiled egg, mayonnaise and salt
  • Smear some egg mixture on a bread slice
  • Cover the bread with another bread slice.
  • Trim the edges (for those who don't like the crusts) and cut into quarter slices
  • Plate and enjoy with ketchup, chutney or whatever!

P.S. Just to increase the calorie (and taste), we would suggest adding some molten or shredded cheese between breads or on top!

P.P.S. Extremely sorry for the not-so-good-looking picture :-/


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