Food Wars: Delhi v/s Mumbai

Well, we hate to compare two of India’s loveliest cities time and again, but when it comes to food, each city has picks with a raging number of loyalists. While each claims to beat the other hands down, we catch the Samosa and Vada pao chatting with each other while comparing the food cultures of Delhi and Bombay

1. Being vegetarian
Forget being a vegetarian if you are in Delhi. Anywhere you go you are likely to be frowned upon, like you asked someone for their kidney

Fret not, in Bombay, with dominant vegetarian communities, asking for a Jain Garlic bread is common, and you are most likely to get it too!

We don’t blame the capital though. With a butter chicken ninja in every home, it’s hard to settle for the vegetarian variety

2. Dhaba-shaba
Okay, let’s not even compare the dhaba scenario. Be it Gurgaon-Faridabad road, or the GT-Karnal road, Delhi-ites get out on Sundays just to enjoy a drive and dine at a dhaba on the highway. Unlike in Bombay, where you brave the traffic to get to the Expressway, only to find McDonalds and processed chikki

3. Party kahan hai bhai?
Bombay drinks with class, by the glass, while for Delhi-ites, their natural Punjabi capacities are as genetic as their party-all-night attitude. So no more waiting for the weekend, it’s always, ‘Khambe se toh party shuru hoti hai bhai

4. Marine Drive v/s India Gate
However hard Delhi tries, Yamuna banks will never match upto the charm of Marine Drive, Bandstand or Carter. So while there may be the delicious chuski at India Gate, it’s not quite like some chai, chana and conversations at Marine Drive!

5. The Momo war
'Momos, what are Momos?' is the classic reaction which Mumbai-ites give about dumplings, unlike Delhi, where spotting a momowalla is as common as spotting a celebrity in Lokhandwala. And yes, we are talking about steamed momos by the roadside, not the fancy dim sums found in fine diners

6. The Pao culture
Vada-pao, Samosa- pao, Misal-pao, Pao-Bhaji, Let’s take the world- and put it in a pao! Mumbai is all about express meals, while Delhi enjoys its relaxed Kachori Sabzi and Cholle Bhature culture, lavishly laid out, like a boss!

7. Sugary sweet

Well, you haven’t had the best sweets of your life, if you haven’t tasted the ghee-laden varieties at Nathus, Evergreen, Haldiram’s, Om Sweets in Delhi. Apart from random sweets joints, Bombay really doesn’t have a strong sweet culture to boast about (no pun intended!)

8. Khau Gallis
Right from Crystal to Kyani’s to the roadside khau gallis, Bombay enjoys roadside digs as much as fine dining. Unlike Delhi, where the only place auntyjis get out of their swanky cars is to have Lajpat Nagar ke Gol Gappe

9. The Cosmo Cuisine
Delhi maybe culturally richer, but Bombay is where Goans, Parsis, Gujaratis, Maharashtrians and other communities reside together in perfect harmony.

Quite like this,

Obviously, be it dhansak or dhokla, Bombay serves it all!

10. Leaves, leaves everywhere
Bombay may not match up to the greener Delhi, so it makes up by putting leaves on the plate. Literally! Right from rajma to chhole, in Bombay, every Punjabi dish is lavishly laced with curry patta leaves 


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  2. u might know a thing or two about Mumbai but I am srry to say hardly anything about Delhi. I am a vegetarian from delhi and being one thr is as common as sikhs in punjab and got umpteen choices for vegetarians. Been living in Pune for last 8 years and have more than often got the reaction "frowned upon, like you asked someone for their kidney" on being a vegetarian.. how different can it be in Mumbai.

    I am sick of ppl associating delhi-ites as predominantly punjabis.. plss there are not more than 12 % punjabis in delhi ! but yes the class still is mostly missing whn it comes to drinking.

    As far as the road side eateries go how can CHandni chowk be Not mentioned!! and the famous and exclusive chaats!!

    Perfect harmony? Delhi has Haryanvis, punjabis. delhi-ites, UPites , rajasthanis. himachalis and even the BIHARIS living in perfect harmony bringing its food a blend of every region.

  3. Hi...This is really healthy and delicious, looks perfect...

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