Rajdhani Thali, Connaught Place

Because it is all about going back to your roots

Want to eat- Daal baati, gatte ki subzi, kadhi pakora, chaas. Basically, Rajasthan on a platter, literally! And yes, it is a pure vegetarian place.

Where to go- Rajdhani Thali, Connaught Place. Yes, right there, next to KFC. 

What to wear- I would say anything, but if you want to go the whole Rajasthani way then definitely opt for Indian attire

Whom to go with- Family, husband, kids, parents. It is the best place to treat someone as it's not just the food, but the outstanding service which makes the entire dinner nothing less than a royal retreat

How to get there- It's in Connaught Place. Everyone knows how to get to Connaught Place. Just make sure you stay on the outer circle

What to order- As soon as you step in there's a customary tikka and hand wash and within seconds your plate starts getting filled with food. Seriously, since a Thali is all they serve, there's not much to order. And refusing anything they serve is out of question!

What to do around- Before you step in you can shop, sit in Central Park, walk around and make sure your stomach is empty enough to take in all the food. Just make sure you park your vehicle right outside the restaurant because later you will be too bloated to even take a single step

What's for dessert? Make sure you leave room for sweets. With moong daal halwa, gajar halwa and other Indian sweets, the mitha section is well taken care of.

Why Rajdhani Thali- Two reasons. First, I really wonder where else will you get this authentic and dripping with ghee daal-baati choorma and gatte ki sabzi in Delhi. Second, I think the innocence with which the staff insists you to keep gorging all- you-can beats even my mom by a small fraction, thus recreating a gesture typical only to Rajasthanis, mothers and grandmothers

Cost for 2- Rs 1000 (including taxes, no alcohol, not here) 

What we reviewed- I hail from Bombay and personally, wasn't fond of the Rajdhani there because of the heavy stress on the sweet Gujrati food. ( I swear by my dhoklas and khakras, but sorry Gujju people, a North Indian likes spicy food!). But the traditional Rajasthani delicacies and straight from the heart service reiterated how courteous Indian or specifically Rajasthani hospitality can get. The language of the staff, the way they are dressed and the overall dining experience transports you to Rajasthan from the moment you step in. From washing your hands with rose petals to bringing the traditional 'gud' (jaggery) towards the end, these little nuances create a royal dining experience and make you feel like a king, signifying Indian heritage through this gastronomic affair. 

P. S. A word of advice; don't drink chaas before the meal, It bloats you up and makes you feel full. You really don't want that!


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