The Beer Cafe, Mumbai

Chugging beer, the classy way!

It’s funny how one of Delhi’s most celebrated beer chains is barely known about in Bombay. C’mon, it’s beer that we are talking about a bar—a café, a restaurant or even a garden, if a place sells beer, it sells itself. But were we surprised to visitThe Beer Café- BKC and Thane outlets! The self descriptive name, The Beer Café is your casual beer ghetto which serves a range of beers- from the traditional German ones to the fancy flavoured Australian and Spanish varieties. You can choose your trusted Indian label or get experimental with their draught specialties, as per your beer palate.

Highlight- they have The Beer Café app, where you can collect Beer Miles and stay updated about contests, offers, discounts and promotions. Plus, the café has free wifi.

What to order- Since people are very subjective about their beer, we will abstain from giving must-have recommendations. But a complete non-beer drinker like me and a hardcore beer drinker like my friend, both loved their 1906 Special Reserve, the Spanish Beer and the Amigos Mexican Beer. Plus, they have beer-based cocktails! To eat, do have their chicken popcorn for chakna.

What we reviewed- My first memory of Beer café is when there first outlet in Connaught Place opened up and my best friend pleaded me to take her there for a review.  Just like Hansel and Gretal fell for the house made of candy, my friend fell for this café which serves over 40 varieties of beer. There is something about going in your car to a theka and loading it with desi beer, but there is something classy about coming to The Beer Café and sipping international beers, in a range of flowers, with well-paired food for company.

Why beer café- Because it’s a café dedicated just to beer! And if you are a true beer lover, this place will be your haven. There are so many varieties, for every taste preference, that a beer lover will be spoilt for choices. Plus they have regular offers like 2+1 free on their draught beers and 1+1 on cocktails and mocktails. So, your non beer-loving friend will be happy too!

Would we go back- Not so much if we are looking for cheap drinks, but the days we need a good bottle of chilled beer, definitely yes!

Our rating- 3.5/5
Cost for two- Rs 1500 for two (taxes extra, including food)
Where to go- The Beer Cafe, Ground Floor, Viviana Mall, Thane (W)
The Beer Cafe, 1st Floor, Phoenix Market City, BKC

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