Hopping over Hoppipola, Khar, Mumbai

Bandra’s latest hangout- with friends, cousins, better-halves or all by yourself!

What’s the hype all about-  I love Bombay for casual cafes and bohemian bars like Hoppipola, where you can hop, skip, jump and play, with your buddies—who can either be people, a pint of beer or simply a book—depending all on your preference. I went in with a work colleague and we left as friends. The music, vibe, interactive games, and some really creative drinks ensure that you have a lot to do, even if you have nothing to talk about! Ideal for awkward first dates, action-packed reunions, or casual get-togethers.

What to do- Read a book or play Monopoly, UNO, a video game or a beer Chuggathon. I am guilty of forgetting that I was sitting in a restaurant, leave alone act professional at a review. Which restaurant gives you the option to do that?

Why Hoppipola- Interactive is the word that defines this place. Everyone has something to do here, even if you are all by yourself. A time when fine-dining is cluttering the eating out scenario, places like Hoppipola break the monotony and bring in the fun dining element to it!

What to order- We were two vegetarians who went and absolutely loved the Smokin Carlos, Cheesienos, OMG (only if you like mushrooms), and the Pasta Laziofaire. In drinks, the must-tries are the Whiskey Sour, Brain Damage and the Watermelon and Basil Mojito.

Who to go with- Friends, girlfriend, boyfriend, or even alone. Basically anyone who wants to hangout in a group should straightaway head to Hoppipola.

How to get there- Come to Khar Road station and take an exact 4 minute walk to the place. Use Google Maps.

What to wear- Come at your casual best, shorts, jeans or summer dresses. Unless of course you are coming back from work. The bar will welcome you as you are!

What didn’t work- No desserts! Also, the food was relatively higher on the salt scale.

Cost for two- Rs 1600 (excluding taxes)

Would we go again- Ask any blogger, if at a restaurant review, he/she can let it all loose and have an overall great time, they are sure to go back again. Just like banquets plan your entire wedding, and all they need is for you to be there, Hoppipola has tons of activities and great food to keep you engaged. I am hopping over there again this weekend. Say hi if you see me!

P. S. Hoppipola is all set to open 2 new outlets in Powai and Lower Parel. So whichever part of town you are in, there's an outlet near you!

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