Home Baker Review: Jeanette's Cake Studio, Andheri

I am still wiping my plate clean with the last traces of carrot pecan loaf that Anthea Miranda from Jeanette’s Cake Studio, Mumbai sent over last week.  A home baker based out of Andheri, she sent some of the finest cupcakes and butter cookies I have sinned to in a really (read: a week) long time.

Her hottest selling items are, clearly, her chocolate cupcakes, which are all nice and moist, with a creamy rich chocolate icing. We asked 8 of our friends, and also my non-chocolate loving parents, to sample the cupcakes, and dare we say, our next order will be from Anthea. Her soft and melted-in-our-mouth pecan cookies are other strict recommendations which are ideal for corporate or festive gifting, or simply some lavish tea time indulgences.

So whenever people go all ‘treat treat treat’ on you, for salaries or resignations, you can bulk order cakes from her. She delivers to all suburbs at a minimum order of Rs 500 (delivery charges extra) and also does customized cakes, cupcakes and some sinful cookies.

Trust me, if you can get laddoo loving north Indian parents to love marzipan and cupcakes, they taste damn well fine.

Fact File
What to order- Cupcakes, cakes, cheesecakes, cookies and loaves
We recommend- Chocolate and Red Velvet Cream Cheese Cupcakes and Pecan Cookies
To call- Anthea Miranda at +91-8097308289
Minimum order Rs 500
Should be placed 48 hours prior to delivery
Delivery to all suburbs; delivery charges extra

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