Flip Bistro, SDA Market

You can skip this flip for good

Want to eat- Pizzas, pastas, sandwiches, etc etc. They thrive on their wood-fired thin crust pizzas, which has never been brought into the limelight

Where to go-  Flip Bistro; any of its various outlets across Delhi and Gurgaon

What to wear- Casuals since the ambiance is of a laid back and relaxed cafe

Whom to go with- Anybody, the place doesn't serve alcohol making it ideal for a family dinner or a sober evening with friends

What to order- The food is strictly okay and extravagantly over-priced. There are various better options in South Delhi which serve better pizzas, pastas and salads at a more affordable price. 

What's for dessert?- They have good pancakes and a decent red velvet cake, which you can order. But it is hard to wrong with a red velvet classic, right?

Cost for 2- 2000 (excluding taxes)

What we reviewed - I haven't come across many restaurants in Delhi which serve you water in plastic cups while the keeping their prices are sky high. There is nothing extraordinarily special about the preparations which you will not find in any other restaurant of Delhi. The place has no USP apart from the lousy service and uninformed staff. The staff forgot to bring us water, even forgot to take our order and even took 10 minutes to bring the bill. Perhaps they want to establish the restaurant as a cafe where youngsters can come, sit, talk and leave without ordering anything. If that's their motto, then kudos to that! 


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