Diva Kitsch, Defence Colony

When the flying Diva heads east

Want to eat- A Ritu Dalmia preparation. She is one India's most celebrated chefs and this is her flagship Asian gourmet restaurant

Where to go- Diva Kitsch, Defence Colony 

What to wear-  Many a South Delhi socialite throng the restaurant, so you must want to dress your best!

Whom to go with- Family or spouse, since the place is a refined, uppity restaurant

How to get there- Take the metro to Lajpat Nagar and walk ahead a little. It is right next to the Defence Colony flyover

What to order-  Many many dishes have been named after renowned food critics or chefs of he country. The menu is 50% vegetarian and features all freshly prepared Asian delicacies with a Ritu Dalmia twist. Do try the Bomra's Tomato Salad, Roti Bawang and the Jaggery creme brulee. 

What to do around-, Since the kitschy elements of the restaurant come from the downstairs store, Kitsch by Priya and Charu Sachdeva, you can probably pick up an artifact or two before your table is ready

What's for dessert?- The 
Jaggery creme brulee. No questions asked

Cost for 2- 3000 (excluding alcohol and taxes)

What we reviewed - Probably when queen of Italian khana opens a restaurant, connoisseurs must be the first to line up to try her venture into the Asian kitchen. Diva kitsch combines ingredients from the entire continent and more so from lesser knows cuisine like Myanmar, Vietnam and Malaysia, and wonderfully presents them in a single platter. Almost all dishes suit the palate as the food is no different from our cuisine, or to put it lightly, is like dining with your own neighbours. The staff is knowledgeable and friendly and you can see the chef's dexterity with the dishes and the use of freshly imported ingredients. Since the liquor licence isn't in yet, guests might have to wait a little before bringing their party to this Asian eatery!


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