Chinese: Go Panda, Andheri, Mumbai

Lokhandwala’s latest Oriental outpost- serving everything with an Oriental twist

Again, I will proclaim my love for Oriental food as I am an Indian by birth but I live on Chinese food. Pity the men who have dated me and have been taught to eat with chopsticks, because without that, no dinner dates happening baby!

So my pure love for Indian-Chinese food is the only advocate of my expertise on the cuisine. But I took 4 women with me for this anonymous review, and if they ended up swearing by the food, trust me, the Chinese must be excellent.

Where to go- Go Panda, Lokhandwala Market, Mumbai

What to order- Tom Kha Soup, Man Chow Soup, Wonton Soup Khao Suey, Mushroom and Broccoli in Black Bean Sauce Thai Pot Rice, Sichuan Pot Rice, Grilled Chicken Ham n Cheese Sandwich, Sloppy Joe Sandwich

Type of seating- Since Go Panda is an Oriental QSR, seating is limited with barely 3-4 chairs outside, accommodating 10-15 people, but the emphasis mainly lies on delivery, as we saw order after order buzzing in even on a weekday evening.

Why Go Panda- Everything dish tastes better than the previous one, and comes beautifully presented in clay pots, giving an added edge of authenticity to the pot meals. The portion sizes are ample for two people to share a soup and meal bowl, which comes pretty reasonable at the quality of taste you get!

What we reviewed- Perhaps because the place is owned by two young entrepreneurs or the food has a mix of everything, with an Oriental twist to it, Go Panda is a very funky and experiential place, where taste has regained supremacy. Everything—right from a Chicken Sandwich to Sloppy Joe has Oriental influences, which surprise you at first, but leave you amazed with their excellent taste. I absolutely abhor coconut but was urged by the owner to give their Tom Kha soup and Khao Suey a try, and was I floored! While I tried the signatures, my friends ordered for themselves and absolutely loved everything we tried and shared to bits.

Would we go back- Of course, if a person who lives in Thane can travel to Lokhandwala, just for a Go Panda meal, I don’t know what more can I say to convince you about the food!


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