Ice-cream Review: Hokey Pokey Ice Cream

When a Wharton graduate (Rohan Mirchandani) opens an ice-cream chain, you expect innovation. So were we caught by a surprise, when we visited the 210, Churchgate outlet of Hokey Pokey Ice-cream. Totally Indian and completely vegetarian (or so they promise), Hokey Pokey has brought in tepinyaki to ice creams, making the entire ice-cream making process a very interactive one.

While the process is typical to Japanese dishes, Hokey Pokey brings the same to ice cream. Basically, you take a cold stone slab, whose temperate is fixed at -18 degree Celsius and place an ice cream of your choice along with an assortment of ingredients. Some mixing and chopping later, you have created your own flavour (with quirky chocolate designs on top, if you ask for it!) Plus with so much action behind the counter, the entire experience was a delight to witness.

You can choose from a range of ingredients including chocolate chips, Ferrero Rocher, Oreo, Kit Kat and a plethora of exotic flavours like the gulkand and strawberry cheesecake.

They use natural ingredients and extracts are from fruits, and not flavoured (as they say), but being 100 percent eggless, the ice-creams tasted quite delicious.
While we got to go behind the counter and witness the magic for ourselves, patrons can see their trained men behind the counter create some awe-worthy designs. 

Where to go- Hokey Pokey ice creams, with over a dozen outlets in Mumbai and various others in Delhi, Pune, Indore and Aurangabad

What to order- We loved their Double Chocolate Therapy, Knight in Armour and Black Forest Blend, while the non chocolate lovers will love any creations with their French Vanilla and Strawberry Cheesecake flavours.

Cost for two- Rs 200 (excluding taxes)

Would we go back- Well, even if they didn’t have the tepinyaki, we would have still gone back, since it’s ice-cream. But with takeaway boxes and exotic flavours, we are set to plan a visit soon!


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