The Irish House, Lower Parel, Andheri, BKC, Malad, Fort, Mumbai

If the Irish like it merry, The Irish House backs that well! 

We all have a serious relationship with The Irish House now, one which clicked instantly and has probably culminated into a marital Friday night merriment. We recently took our vows with the place for the very first time.


Highlight! The Irish House has karaoke nights every Monday. Nothing could be better to beat the boring Monday blues than a bunch of friends singing in their best (or worst) baritone!

Want to eat- It’s a pub, so the focus is obviously on drinking. But even for teetotalers like me, the eating options are extensively varied. Not a lot of veggie ones though.

Where to go- Irish House, with branches all over Mumbai including Lower Parel, Fort, BKC, Andheri and Malad.

What to wear- Well, we saw men let loose from the chains of their formals to women who slyly slipped into their party dresses at the Phoenix mills WCs. Well, no one is here to judge whatever you wear!

 Whom to go with- Definitely not family. I went with my sister though, so I guess siblings qualify. Take friends, or double date with another couple.

What to order- I won’t suggest what to drink, but if you are open to experimentation, their extremely friendly staff would love to surprise you! Order whatever you want during the happy hours and you can continue having it throughout the night. There are limited vegetarian options and definitely not very health conscious ones, so you can order anything ranging from onion rings to pasta or a pizza, to complement what you drink.

Cost for 2- Rs 1500 including alcohol (Right, right! Happy Hours zindabad!)

What to do around- Though you can shop, lounge around, chill or relax at Phoenix Mills and Palladium, we would suggest you just grab a chair or stool and do the same inside Irish House. Or if shopping is absolutely necessary, do so before going in. Pretty sure, you won’t be able to focus on price tags after getting out.

Would be go back- I am not a fan of loud music or a lot of crowd, so I would prefer going on a week night. But my sister, who loves madness, didn’t want to leave even after several hours. So well, one day or the other, we are definitely going back!



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