D'Crepes Cafe, Hiranandani Meadows, Thane

The coffee lover's latest, favourite and most homely hangout spot

Want to eat- Coffee, cupcakes, salads, pasta, macaroons, muffins; all ideal accompaniments with coffee and soft drinks

Where to go-  D'Crepes Cafe, Hiranandani Meadows, Thane(W)

What to wear- It's a hangout spot, a laid back, comfy, homely place where you can act yourself and wear whatever you are comfortable in

Whom to go with- Friends, colleagues you are friends with, or basically anyone who you can have a fun time with. Though, more the merrier is the key in hanging out with friends, the cafe also houses books, magazines, a guitar and free wifi to let you have a peaceful time with yourself

How to get there- You can reach Thane station and take an auto or a bus to Pawarnagar in case you are coming from town. Since the place mostly witnesses Thane-ites, they each have their own way to reach the largely prominent 'meadows'

What to order- Do try their range of coffees, Cheese French fries and pastas. The desserts are decent, but go down well with any drink. The food isn't particularly excellent, but its gourmet preparation makes it way better than the stale commissary food which coffee outlets serve.  Perhaps the cafe aims at creating a more fun and relaxing experience than focusing much on the food.

What to do around- You can sit in the backside Hiranandani Meadows garden depending on how much time you have or just walk around a  bit before heading home.

What's for dessert?- This a cafe cum bakery, so dessert options are plenty ranging from simple cookies to the three-layered chocolate mouse. Just see what works best with your drink

Cost for 2- Rs 300-500

Why D'Crepes Cafe- Simply for the homely and comfortable environment the space creates. You can strum a guitar and impress a girl or be dared to bray in a baritone just to have a fun evening with friends, depending on the company you are with

What we reviewed - Recently opened, D'crepes has rapidly become the second home of many a Thane-ite as a place where you can sit with a group of friends and relax after a tiring day at work or college. The warmth the owners exude right from suggesting what to eat to taking your earnest feedback on the food makes the cafe more like your private drawing room, where you can tell your mom whether you liked the food or not! (No kidding, the owners were sweet enough to not charge us for a croissant we didn't enjoy). They rely heavily on customer feedback, also visible from the comments and anecdotes people have shared on their wall. The place needs to focus more or visibility so that people don' settle for the old and prominent coffee joints that Meadows has.


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